Robbin Thomas 


I took my first Kettlebells class in October, 2009. Right away, I knew FitnessXpressions was the place for me. Anita-Nell creates a very supportive atmosphere for all her clients. Before I joined FitnessXpressions, I had lost 70 pounds. Since then, I have lost an additional 60 pound (and still counting). Anita-Nell has helped me achieve goals I never thought possible. To date, I have completed two half marathons and one marathon. Anita-Nell was there for me every time I wanted to quit along the way. I credit her with helping me make it to each finish line. I know she will be there to help me reach my next goals!


Steve Holz

  “Exercise has never been my thing.  However, with getting older, heavier, and realizing the weight gain has to stop, I wanted to look for a personal trainer and make a plan to reduce the weight.  After 3 years of enquiring at fitness centers and smaller establishments, I decided to go with Fitness Expressions.  The price was right, the timing was right, the flexible schedule was right.  For me I got into a small kettle bell class 2 times a week and 1 day doing an hour of personal training.  The experience has been very positive, having lost 25 pounds and gaining muscle strength.  I’m ending my first year and intend to continue. Well worth the money. 



Kamra Toalson 

I started with Anitanell just over a year ago on Thanksgiving Day at an early-morning boot camp, so that I could work out before the “big feast” and then go home and pig out on Thanksgiving dinner.  After the holidays, I signed on for two days a week to get into better shape and to give my daughter the gift of a lifetime and the gift that keeps on giving; a mommy she could be proud of and a mommy who would never tell her “no” to a bike ride, a run through the park, a hike up the mountain, rollerblading, skiing – you get the picture.  Also, I wanted to set an example and to give my daughter the tools in life for living a healthy lifestyle. 

Little did I know when I joined with Anitanell that I would be on a journey to creating some of the best friends I could ever have, tons of laughter, and running my first half marathon; Robie Creek!  Since then, I’ve lost two pant sizes, I feel the best I’ve ever felt, and I have tons of energy.  Even my husband tells me I make him tired just watching me!  I absolutely love Anitanell and “my girls.”  I look forward to going to work out.  And even on the days I can’t make it to work out, if I haven’t called to let Anitanell know I won’t be there, she’ll call or text me and want to know where I am!  It actually makes me feel special, and I know that she’s holding me accountable to being there and staying in shape.  Who else does that?!  It’s just one of the many added bonuses with Fitness Xpressions. 

The most priceless gift of all it’s given me, aside from being in better shape and the many wonderful friendships, is to hear my daughter tell me:  Mommy, I am so proud of you, and I love that you can do so many things with me.    

And it’s all with the help of having Anitanell in my life!  She rocks!


Liane Betts :)


Since my weight loss journey began I have lost 160 lbs. with Anita-Nell. She is my inspiration and my rock that I can lean on for almost anything. She has helped me with so much thank you just isn't enough and I have never felt more safe exercising then when I am at FitnessXpressions. I have gained many friends and a new lifestyle. The classes and sessions are the most fun I have had exercising and I actually look forward to them. I love FitnessXpressions!


KC Hezeltine
I have been going to FitnessXpressions for 2 years. Anita-Nell saved my life, she has counselled me in nutrition, is personal training me in aerobic and strength training. With the knowledge Anita-Nell has given me I decided to become a instructor for Kettlebells. I completed Kettlebells concept instructor training in the summer of 2010, I am also completing my course to become ACSM certified personal trainer.